Reviews on a few… re-FRESHing “NEW” Favorite Films..Just in time… for you to “Spring” into theaters!

Marlo is a New York suburban housewife…about to give birth to her 3rd child! Please BELIEVE she’s got her hands FULL… as a devoted… mother to a son and daughter already.

Her husband, a good man. He’s a loving husband & father.., butvabsolutely “CLUELESS” about the demands MOTHERHOOD puts on his wife.

It’s like… “A DREAM COME TRUE!!!” When Marlo’s wealthy brother…hires a nighttime nanny named “TULLY” to help his sister handle the workload……. and

NEW BABY Mia….👶🏻🍼)

After an awkward start…Marlo soon learns to appreciate all that Tully does — forming a special bond with her new, lifesaving friend…

She’s just too good to be true! She’s like a hip… and trendy…yet…wholesome –granola type version of “Mary Poppins!”

Yeahhhhh….. Tully’s a “FREE SPIRIT!!!” –earthy & cool… you feel like she takes a spoon 🥄 full of 🍯 honey… instead of sugar… to make the medicine go down…

Tully is wise… so calming and kind… This has GOT to be too good to be true… right?! Hmmm….. what is REALLY the deal here??? You’ll have to see the film…. to have your “ah-ha” moment… when you figure it all out…

You know… Charlize is a precious jewel… to make this film really ✨✨ S H I N E ✨✨ not only is she a producer… but a WONDERFUL actor!!! She’s actually one of my personal favorites!!! “🙌🏽” She is an Phenomenal Actor!!!! She transforms herself so much… that you can ONLY see the character she takes on… The beautiful starlet completely fades into her role…

While we’re on the subject of BEAUTIFUL… Charlize knocks it OUT THE PARK on the red carpet!!!! I mean… EVERYTHING she wears in absolutely G O R G E O U S‼️

she ALWAYS makes my BEST DRESSED LIST!!!! And Let’s not forget about those mesmerizing “JADORE” commercials!!!!

Just when you thought you’ve seen Charlize at her best… with all her other popular…and award winning films…another eye-opening cinematic wonder… like this one comes along…

While guest starring on #WWHL Watch what happens live.. with Andy Cohen… “Tully” was recently singled out… in a survey… as Theron’s 2nd BEST performance… in a leading role… after her Academy award winning performance in monster.

Charlize won an Oscar for her role and intense transformation in the 2003 drama “Monster,” and with this film… she made another amazing transformation… for this “Mom” role…

Theron gained close to 60 pounds for this role… The same amount of weight… that several women have actually gained during pregnancy. 🤰

Charlize has gone on record.. saying: “I just I wanted to feel what this woman felt, and I think that was a way for me to get closer to her and get into that mindset. ”

While “keeping it real..” she also fell into a depression during this ordeal… while it took 3 months or so for her to gain the weight… It took a LOT longer to loose it all.

The process… was indeed a “very long” physical journey… but Charlize dug deep…to reflect on the BIG SCREEN the raw… and gritty hardships of parenting.

Yep! I got the message:

***THE STRUGGLE is R E A L !!!! ***

This film is a big slice… of American life! The “take-a-way” for parents…can be summed up… with something else Theron said: “It’s important for mothers to tell their husbands and co-parents how they’re feeling….

She went on to say that parenting is HARD… and no one really has it easy. It’s stressful at times… and can be messy.

Consistent Support is crucial to keep it all together….

Tully Cast.:

⭐️Charlize Theron as Marlo.

⭐️Mackenzie Davis as Tully.

⭐️Mark Duplass as Craig.

⭐️Ron Livingston as Drew.

Screenwriter Diablo Cody, Academy Award Winning Actress Charlize Theron, and Director Jason Reitman

-Evette Dabney has more…. 😃

You gotta love a movie… about Friendship & L❤️VE!‼️ Especially when it turns out good for EVERYBODY!!!!

No old maids…. miserable spinsters or Weeping widows forever. My eyes lit up… watching these grand ladies… make me BELIEVE that youCAN have REAL LOVE later in life!

Sometimes… the instructions can be interpreted through a book… and explored by a close group of GIRLFRIENDS!!!


Diane (Diane Keaton) is recently widowed after 40 years of marriage, Vivian (Jane Fonda) enjoys her men with no strings attached, Sharon (Candice Bergen) is still working through her decades-old divorce, and Carol’s (Mary Steenburgen) marriage is in a slump after 35 years…..

Ahhhh…… Mannnnn !!!!!! 😒😑😔

“Life” gets a little extra SPICE… when these four lifelong friends start 📖 reading

“50 Shades of Grey,” The language of LOVE is turned ALL the way Up!!!! 🔥 🔥 🔥

There’s Something about this book… that forces these women to step outside of their comfort zones…. and make some pretty BOLD life choices! #Wowza !!!! Who said romance stopped being FUN and CUTE after 40… 50…. 60…. and UP!!!! 💕💏💕

🔴🔴🔴 FORGET ABOUT IT ‼️ 🔴🔴🔴

These successful women…put it ALL out there… to have SUCCESS in LOVE! ❤️

When it comes to figuring out their romantic interests… The FIRE 🔥 of DESIRE is rekindled… and by the end of the 🎥 movie….shows no signs of burning out… ———–> If you can READ between the lines!

Yay‼️‼️ for proving that age is JUST a number… and romantic comedy are sweeter than ever… with a mature cast of women who have PERSONALITY PLUS!!! Legendary starlets on FILM 🎞 and TV📺

Book 📚 Club Stars:

⭐️Diane Keaton as Diane.

⭐️Jane Fonda as Vivian.

⭐️Candice Bergen as Sharon.

⭐️Mary Steenburgen as Carol.

⭐️Andy García as Mitchell.

⭐️Don Johnson as Arthur.

⭐️Richard Dreyfuss as George.

⭐️Craig T. Nelson as Bruce.


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