Sparkle “E” Fall Movie 🎥 Reviews: A little something… something… for EVERYBODY‼️

At the verrrry beginning… this movie literally “pimp” slaps you in the face… when the main character’s child-like voice


((I think you’ll understand my symbolism… ))

“P&$$y been in my face

all my life..”

—- Whoaaaa….. ——

and then…. “The first time I sold P&$$y…. I was 10 years old…

—— Yowza!!!!!——-

Yep! This chick was born into the Pimp Game… Her name is WEDNESDAY.

Her Daddy…

(“Midnight John”) was a pimp… and her Mama was one of his top girls. when she got pregnant with “Wednesday” 👉🏽That’s the main characters name),her Dad retired her… cause he didn’t want NOBODY else touching her…


Guess who plays her pimp daddy??? Rapper DMX… ya heardddd!!!!! -LOL!- 😅

He taught this kid ALL the hustling game… and she soaked it all up like a sponge… collecting money from John’s…while living in a whorehouse…(Daddy Pimp insisted on having all his “working girls” under his roof…)

Anyway…. Y’all remember when PIMPS back in the day… thought they were fly wearing this…

Uh huh… well in 2018… ya girl PIMP is swagged out like this:

Let me just say… KeKe Palmer went in HARD for this role! I mean… she worked out.. 💪🏽 buffed up.. and even shaved her head… This lady PIMP is tough as nails…

seriously “Bout dat life‼️

-&- “Bout dat money‼️

KeKe made the decision to play a lesbian pimp.. at the age of 19… She filmed the role at 23… and the movie was released November 9th… 2018 at her current age of 25!

Keke has taken on her share of the “sweetest” roles….like the Nickelodeon sitcom “True Jackson VP”

(This series made her one of the highest paid child actors on television.)

“Akeelah and the Bee” “Barbershop 💈 2: Back in Business” “Madea’s family reunion,” and “Scream Queens” —> and a Host of other TV show’s and films..

but This…”PIMP MOVIE …”


A real game changer for this starlet…

KeKe got down HARD for this one… and went ALL IN… love scenes… fight scenes…. shooting scenes…murder scenes and all.. ((no hesitations. ))

I attended the packed movie premiere.. and met the producers…

Lee Daniels served as executive producer… and said as a gay man… It was important for him to put his name on this project.

He wanted to have

more stories like this one…shared with the world..

At the premiere… KeKe says she sat with her father…

While she admitted some parts made her flinch for him to see… She said he understands the craft of acting…and what is required to take on certain roles…

If you’re going to see this movie… I say warning! ⚠️ Warning! This is a real…hardcore flick! And believe me…they’re cutting no corners…

At the end of the day… KeKe says she never ever.. wanted to be type cast… or pigeon holed into just a few characters..

She said she wanted to make it clear… that KeKe can do ANYTHING!

And that’s the truth…

KeKe is something else in the role… A street bred badass…

( Y’all ain’t READY!!!)

This shining talent has proven herself over.. and over! She’s a highly versatile performer.. who can go from sweet to salty… or zero to 💯

lickity split!

I have to admit…I saw things in this movie… I have never known about.. or seen before…

But hey… that’s why it’s important to be exposed to all sorts of subject matter..

We go to movies 🎥 not only to be entertained & inspired.. but enlightened and educated as well…

Let’s just say… I learned a LOT! Hear me… and hear me one more time… This movie is a HARD rated “R”

Heyyyy Let’s use that “R” in “Re” turning to movie plot…

Ok…. so where was I ??

As she grows up.. female Pimp, “Wednesday,” (Keke Palmer), hustles hard for a chance at a better life….

she’s got her mama… and all her DRAMA… and it’s tough to make ends meet… pay for living expenses… make payrolls..with all these “issues….”

When her girlfriend, Nikki (Haley Ramm), hits the streets…. and renders her services… ( as a lady of the night… and day.), things are on the up & UP!

As Wednesday’s hustle improves…so does her stable of girls…. Did I tell you’ve Wednesday was a pimp with a heart of gold 💛⁉️

👉🏽True that… True dat👈🏽

She haaaard…. but she takes care of her crew..((00ps!)) 😩 I mean her street walkers…You know.. her girls…

Let’s run down all the folks in the film for a sec…

You got..

rough necks… (check) ✔️

Scantily clad women… working the streets in Bronx, NY.. ✔️

And a host of Sleazy & Shiesty characters … who lurke… in the dark… and always up to something in daylight…. ✔️

Here are a few more details about the other shady cast of characters…

Wednesday’s worn down…Drug addicted mother… is played to the HILT.. by( Aunjanue Ellis),

…and then there’s the gold capped teeth…cold blooded killer… who turns out to be Wednesday’s worst nightmare…street rival..PIMP…Kenny

(Edi Gathegi).

Now this is the one she calls “family..”

Her childhood friend and longtime love,

“Sweet Nikki”

(Haley Ramm),

Wednesday’s stable of “street workers”

include lazy… and/or impressionable young women…

But wait! 🖐🏽 There’s this pole dancing

“ho-stess” with the

most-est…( Destiny, played by Vanessa Morgan) who shakes her money-maker… and turns errrthang upside down… She’s one of the most attractive women in the game… and knows how to mesmerize… with her eyes… and errr-thang else she’s got.

She’s ghetto FABULOUS y’all… and wants to be the main course…

🎶🎶 La-La La La Laaaa… the boys are waiting!!!” 🎶

👉🏽 Y’all like my color commentary??? 😅😂🤣

Since this is a modern day Blaxploitation film.. 🎞 I’m just keep it REAL…

ya dig???

Orrrkayyyyy…. back to the flick…💥🎞

🎶La-la-la-la-Laaa!!!”🎶 Her (chocolate) MILK shake brings ALL the boys… (and a girl)… to the yard…

Another… mouthy 👄 quote you’ll hear from main character Wednesday—> says something to the effect of:

In the street should always keep a certain distance… and never let a b$&tch get close to your heart…

Well….. Let’s just say… it was “heart ❤️part” jacked everything up… FOR REAL! Gotta see this.. to understand…

It’s hard out there for a PIMP… especially when a playa… gets PLAYED!

🖤🖤🖤 Boooyah! ❤️🖤🖤

A lesson learned in this case…. a little too late…

Cue Drake singing urban street song of the year: 🎶”Ke-Ke… do you love ❤️ me ??? 🎶

Snap your fingers… and hum the rest of the tune…

🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 Heyyyyy!!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

The day after the premiere… I went to the LIVE tapping of daytime talk show “The Talk” on CBS…where KeKe was a guest…

One of the first questions to her… was about the hit song of the year.. that happens to feature her name:

🎶 🎼” Ke-Ke do you love me???” 🎶 🎵

Keke was quick to say that this song gives her name LIFE!!!

👉🏽 And she’s ALL FOR IT!

She also said she’s working on a new TV series…

And releasing new music… 🎼🎶 including the single.. “Better to have loved…”

But for now… you can see #PIMPTheMovie is trending… and being shown in select theaters…

(check your local listings…)

Shake up your movie watching experience…

and “PIMP” right on over to select theaters to catch this one…

Betta be ready for it

tho…😮 KeKe is on fire!🔥

– Evette Dabney


Executive Producer

Lee Daniels

Additional Executive producers:

Bader Alghanim, Nick Garyfallos, Ali Jazayeri, Corey Large, Michael J. Mailis, Gary Ousdahl, Viviana Zarragoitia


Alexis Varouxakis, Victoria Bousis,

Written & Directed by Christine Crokos

Director of photography: Rik Zang


⭐️ Keke Palmer,

⭐️ Vanessa Morgan,

⭐️ Haley Ramm,

⭐️ Edi Gathegi,

⭐️ Aunjanue Ellis


Ready for a dash of #RomCom magic ??? ✨✨

This romantic ❤️ comedy puts a new spin on classic film “Father of the Bride.”

It’s hilarious… yet heartwarming…with a strong emphasis on family.

This film opened Friday, October 26, 2018 to an enthusiastic crowd of hopeless romantics ❣️

LOVE JACKED stars Amber Stevens West, (The Carmichael Show) who plays Maya, a self-willed millennial with artistic ambitions, who refuses to let her strong willed dad Keith David (Greenleaf) say: I TOLD YOU SO! –when it comes to her love life.

Looking to find herself… and some inspiration for her art… Maya takes a solo journey to Africa…and meets a suave African man…Mtumbie, played by Demetrius Grosse, (Straight Outta Compton), Now this dude…who appears to be “Mr Wonderful” sweeps her off her feet… wines and dines her… takes her on romantic tours around Africa and -THEN- proposes MARRIAGE!!!! 💍

Whelp! Things come to a quick end… when Maya discovers Mtumbie in bed with another woman. (Ooops!!!) 😬 or should I say Ahhhh man… 😩 this dude had it going on!!! Just couldn’t keep it in his pants!👖 🙄


And now… for a public service announcement: Fellas…Don’t go chasing glitter… when you have a DIAMOND!!!! 💎


Now… back to my thoughts… After this heartbreaking 💔 cheating scandal … the romantic comedy takes off on a series of madcap

plans and adventures for Maya to SAVE FACE !!!”

Yep! This one gets REAL COMPLICATED… Hang on tight! just when you think things have stopped spinning out of control… This situation just keeps going… round and round…

I was totally invested in the characters. The chemistry is great! and there are so many picture perfect moments. The film was shot in Canada and South Africa.

The director… and co-Writer of the film…

Alfons Adetuyi, is Nigerian and said he was inspired to include some of his heritage into the story…by using Africa as a backdrop.Make plans to see it… and discover how it all ends…

Oh yeah… bring a tissue… your eyes 👀

-might- get a little misty in the end! There’s just something about BlackLove! 🖤

#LoveJackedSTARRING: Amber Stevens-West, Shamier Anderson, Keith David, Mike Epps, Demetrius Grosse, Lyriq Bent, Marla Gibbs, Angela Gibbs, and Nicole LynSparkle “E” was on the scene for a special screening… and celebration at United Talent Agency… with the All star cast on the pink carpet!

The lead actress of the film…Amber Stevens West just had a baby… and brought her to the screening… to join her co-star and the Director… at the UTA ( United Talent Agency Screening)

We transition from love 💕 sweet love… to a hard core HEIST!

Buck up! A “Black Widow” pushed into a corner… ain’t nothin’ to mess with…

BLACk WIDOW will raise the hairs on the back of your neck… with the tension..

This movie has so many twists..& turns! You’ll sit there watching… & go wait 🖐🏽 What⁉️

Of course VIOLA DAVIS is #phenomenal!!

“Widows” is based on a British miniseries about four women who plot and pull off a complex theft…

Davis plays Veronica, a cultured upper-class woman whose life is thrown into turmoil when her husband,

(Liam Neeson) is killed along with three colleagues pulling off an armed robbery. The money was presumably blown up along with the gang, leaving Veronica in debt to some very angry and very vicious gangsters, one of whom also happens to be running for office in the famously corrupt city of Chicago…

Tensions rise when these women take fate into their own hands..conspiring to forge a future on their own terms.

Though their lives are turned upside down… and they are shaken to the core… the “widows” prove to be smarter… braver… and stronger than they thought…

Great writing & direction from AcademyAward winner STEVE MCQUEEN.

McQueen is best known for the 2013 Oscar Best is Picture winner “12 Years a Slave,”

Twentieth Century Fox’s Widows starring Viola Davis… also includes:

Michelle Rodriguez, Elizabeth Debicki, Liam Neeson and Robert Duvall, Daniel Kaluuya

troubled onscreen lovers–played by Tomasz Kot and Joanna Kulig..

is extremely well-acted…

This…is one of the most BEAUTIFUL film’s this year!

And by the way….

Cold War was a huge success at this year’s Cannes Film Festival (where it was awarded the Best Director prize) and is generating major buzz… as a 2019 Oscar contender.

This black and white treasure is a musical romance… centered around two mismatched lovers caught between East and West in 1950s Europe… in post-WWII Poland.

Pianist Wiktor (Tomasz Kot) is commissioned by the Soviet state to form a musical ensemble to help rekindle national pride.

While touring the villages in search of talent he meets the much younger Zula (Joanna Kulig, in a luminous star-making turn), a fiery and charismatic singer with a past, and the two fall passionately in love…

I’m so proud of Joanna in this role… she is AMAZING!!!

Here’s more about the movie ….

When a performance in Berlin offers the couple an opportunity for escape to the West, a last-minute decision finds them stranded on either side of the Iron Curtain.

As the years march on, Wiktor and Zula – whether through political circumstance or personal challenges… the lovers struggle to find their moment in time…

Spanning 15 years across Warsaw, Berlin, Yugoslavia and Paris…

This film is inspired by the real-life story of the director’s own parents,

The cinematography is on point…and a terrific soundtrack pushes the passage of time and shifting relationships.

This epic saga follows the amazing love between young soul mates… trying to make it through tough times during the mid 70’s.

This is an incredible film! It’s been a minute since we’ve seen a love story like this one… that starts off so beautiful and pure. There are several key moments to unlock the hard parts of your heart… to allow love & pain to be released… all at once.

Based on the acclaimed novel by James Baldwin,

IF BEALE STREET COULD TALK is the story of Tish, a newly engaged Harlem woman who races against the clock to prove her lover’s innocence while pregnant with their first baby.

This is a unique and passionate love affair… that takes it’s time to unfold. We witness this young couple excited about a chance to live out the American dream.

We see how the relationship with their parents and other family members… plays out… when their once bright future turns dark…and cold.

You’ll cherish the moments reliving their glory days… and happy memories. You’ll also feel the heartbreaking 💔pain.. of their worse nightmares.

It took five years to get this masterpiece ready!

It was adapted for the screen and directed

by Barry Jenkins.

IF BEALE STREET COULD TALK stars KiKi Layne as “Tish” and Stephan James as “Fonny”, and a robust ensemble cast including Colman Domingo, Teyonah Parris, Michael Beach, Aunjanue Ellis, Finn Wittrock, Diego Luna, Dave Franco, Pedro Pascal, Ed Skrein, Emily Rios, Bryan Tyree Henry and Regina King.

☝🏽Don’t miss this one! It’s a moving… and very emotional story.. that will play over… and over in your mind for a long time….

***** LEAVE NO TRACE****

You don’t have to be a nature lover to appreciate this movie… just a curiosity about how much effort it really takes… to be invisible. Even if it comes down to making clicking sounds with your mouth… to communicate. It worked for people… living in the bush… and the duo featured in this production discovered it worked for them… without attracting too much attention… or disturbing nature.

This is a powerful… yet quiet film. There is very little dialogue… but the connection between humans… and nature is strong.

A father and daughter live a mysterious existence in Forest Park, a beautiful nature reserve near Portland, Oregon.

They rarely make contact with the world. Choosing to roam freely… despite various opportunities for them to plant themselves in established communities.

Eventually… a slip up tips them off to authorities… sending them on a journey… with no particular destination… just a place to call their own… where they will always have their thoughts…

The constant hitchhiking worried me… along with the child’s safety. I will give this spoiler alert.. 🚨 Thank goodness… no one is ever harmed or violated during these risky life choices… and the young girl never has to be naked… or turn slutty… because she is living a life without structure.

“Tom” –as she’s called is a smart girl! Her father raised a wise soul. Boys are drawn to her because she’s relatable and smart. I liked thieve details… and honestly believe it’s sends a MAJOR MESSAGE to teens… and tweens.

There is strength in being a decent human being. It makes you a giant of a person… capable of tackling suspicion from others… And one MORE thing…. innocence and a peaceful demeanor…can be a life saving quality… more so than anger… and aggression.

By the way… this movie is based on a real life situation.. and features authentic people who take on the roles they live out in everyday life… or capitalizes on their learned experiences… or expertise. This makes the movie feel like you’re really apart the journey. An “invisible” party… watching every move… and taking every step along the way.

The father obviously suffers from PTSD… after a bout in the military… and is a very restless soul. His daughter loves him so much… and is devoted to him… wandering places… when she longs to lead a normal life and simply stay put! In the end… she makes a decision… for the best.

I left this movie in deep thought… and with even more empathy for those who suffer from PTSD… Many of those living in woods… and on the streets of concrete jungles in cities everywhere face similar restless patterns… unwilling to accept available resources… permanently.

I say… see this film… have a better understanding of the saying: “Never judge another person until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes… or should I say…

“Hiking Boots.”

****** Suspiria *******

The new girl.. in this horrific tale…appears to be conservative… and a bit shy in the beginning….

A Young American dancer named Susie Bannion arrives in Berlin during the 70’s… to audition for the world-renowned Helena Markos Dance Co.

She’s a riveting performer… The powers that be… are inextricably drawn to her energy. Out of nowhere… she makes a giant leap to the role of lead dancer of the company.

The woman she replaces breaks down… and accuses the company’s female directors of witchcraft.

Hold up…🖐🏽 Can I just cut to the chase… and say this film gets really weird… really FAST…. ((( whew!!!)))

Dakota Johnson stars as the young American dancer…while Tilda Swinton co-stars in three roles, including as the company’s lead choreographer as well as an older male psychotherapist who investigates the dance company. Mia Goth and Chloe Grace Moretz have supporting roles as students of the academy, while Angela Winkler, Renee’ Soutendijk, Ingrid Caven, and Sylvie Testud portray the academy’s matrons… or should I just say COVEN OF WITCHES. Jessica Harper, the star of the original film, has a cameo role.

Got all that??? Ok… 👉🏽Back to the plot….

As strange things continue happening around the dance studio.. an inquisitive psychotherapist… and concerned member of the troupe uncover dark and sinister secrets.

They stumble into the studio’s hidden underground chambers…. and what they discover.. is horrendous!

This is an artsy horror flick… dealing with demons and the supernatural…

Curses and spells blend in with dance routines…

There are all sorts of Rituals… spells… and bone shattering situations!

I’m talking things that will get you distorted & tangled up in terror!!!

Dance is the center of it all….

This unique form of creative expression reaches a fever pitch… and turns

pure EVIL! 👿

Oh! the horrific images you will see…

Yep! Seeing is believing… and when things make it to that fever pitch… the leaders in charge insist there be a witness….

Things get Crazier… and CRAZIER‼️

I couldn’t help but “witness” with my own eyes… the disturbed looks on the faces of everybody in the audience… when the movie ended…

People just sat there… with shocked expressions… almost like they were under a spell….

👉🏽 Cue evil WITCH laugh…. 👹👺👹👺👹



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